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"Why do white people own so many pets?
Because we’re not allowed to own people anymore.
What is the scariest thing about a white person in prison?
You know he did it.
how many Chicago cops does it take to change a light bulb? None, they just beat the room for being black.”
A good looking 50 year old white man is trying to get laid on reality TV. What show are you watching?
To catch a predator.
Why do white girls travel in groups of three or five?
They can’t even
What do you call 64 white people in a room? A full blooded Cherokee."

from various reddit threads

at dinner last night, a coworker was talking about hanging out with his white friends and getting fed up with the racist jokes, and asked them to tell a white people joke.  nobody had any, so he googled and found these. after a few of them, people were a lot less comfortable.

white folks, next time you hear a racist joke, maybe lead with one of these in response.  tag this “I’m white” when you reblog it, if you are.

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"He’s like my brother." - Nicki Minaj [x]
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Chloe Sevigny in Maison Marting Margiela by Mark Borthwick 
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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma City police officer was charged Friday with 16 counts including first-degree rape and sexual battery after being accused of assaulting at least eight women while on patrol.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 27, also faces charges of forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure. Holtzclaw, a former standout football player in high school and college, was arrested Aug. 21. He remained in custody on a $5 million cash bond Friday, according to jail records.

He is accused of stopping women, who were all black and between the ages of 34 and 58, while on duty in Oklahoma City. Prosecutors allege that he raped two women and either fondled others or forced them to expose themselves, and police said there may be more victims.


Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw GoFundMe

Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw Facebook

"Former standout football player in high school and college"

"He only assaulted older Black women"

*39 people raise over $7,000 to defend him*

Alternatively titled: how we discuss and treat white male criminals (rapists) in the United States

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I wish Black Widow was sung by Nicki and Rihanna instead of their knockoffs.

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Song that plays when Myrtle is burned at the stake

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PSYCHO KILLER | [listen] [download] | a mix dedicated to Tate Langdon and Patrick Bateman

i. psycho killer - talking heads | ii. pumped up kicks - foster the people | iii. another one bites the dust - queen | iv. paper planes - M.I.A | v. twisted nerve - bernard herrmann | vi. special death - mirah | vii. 15 step - radiohead | viii. sussudio - sussudio | ix. tonight you belong to me - patience and prudence | x. animal - miike snow
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Kissing Cousins- Don’t look back
From American Horror Story 

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Song that plays in 1x12 when the Harmon family is gathered around the Christmas tree

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